Our Work

We have one apostolate -- nursing incurable cancer patients who cannot pay for the care they need.

As emissaries of Christ, we strive to give the highest quality nursing care combined with compassion and love. The patients who come to our homes are very sick. We cannot cure them, but we can make them comfortable and preserve as much of their independence and dignity as possible.

Learning the Work

Our patients become part of our family. We care for them as we would an invalid parent, spouse or child. We serve their meals, change their dressing, bathe them and assist them in every way we can.

Medical science has advanced so that physical pain can be managed. The mental suffering our patients endure is not as easily managed. Great compassion is needed as we try to help our patients come to terms with their approaching death.

We minister to their families as well. We try to comfort them, and ease their suffering in the face of losing someone they love, to help them grow closer to God during this difficult time.

Prayer and the sacraments give us the spiritual strength and graces we need to find Christ in each of our patients ... to serve each of our patients with the same love and devotion that we would give to our Lord, Himself.