Community Life

Community life is an integral part of consecrated life and can only be lived well as a spiritual entity. As each of us becomes more unified in our prayers, we also become unified in our work. When community life is lived well, the Sisters become one in mind and heart in Christ. The community nourishes and supports each Sister. In turn, each Sister strengthens the community through her spiritual life and apostolic service.

The community supports our individual struggles to overcome our frailties and to achieve our full human and spiritual potential. The joyful spirit of a community of Sisters that is one in mind and heart in Christ carries each individual Sister through the difficult times that are inevitable ... a part of simply being human.

Yes, community life can be difficult at times. We each must make the transition from being self-centered to being community-centered. Generosity is key to making this transition. We must first learn to be generous to our sisters, because we see in them Christ represented. We must be equally as generous to our patients.