We are Dominicans. Traditions of the Dominican Order ... love of the Church and the Holy Father, wearing the habit, devotion to the Passion of Christ and Our Blessed Mother ... are a major focus of our lives.

We live in community, strive to grow in a deep prayer life, and rely on and radically trust in God's providence.

We preach God's word through our apostolate - nursing incurable cancer patients in our three homes in the United States.

We are the spiritual daughters of Mother Mary Alphonsa (Rose Hawthorne). We are committed to maintain her spirit - to go where the need is greatest, to serve the poorest of the poor ... those with incurable cancer who cannot pay for the care they need ... and to accept no payment for our service -- neither insurance, government funding or gifts from our patients or our patients' families. All of our homes are free.

We are a religious community of Sisters praying and working together for love of God and in a common purpose.