Our Apostolate

God gives us the special graces we need in the particular state of life to which He calls us.

Ours is a very special ministry. We share our patients' last months and days. To know they see your face one day and God's the next is an awesome occurrence.

Our spiritual life permeates our apostolate and gives it it's life. We could not do the work without prayer.

Yes, the work is challenging. But it is not as difficult as one might think. There are many rewards, some as simple as the joy you experience when a patient smiles in thanks for the smallest kindness.

We each have our own patients who are under our care from the day they're admitted until the day they die. We nurse them, feed them, bathe them, get them up and about, read to them, write letters for them, pray with them. It's a privilege to help them in any way we can.

Because one Sister is caring for them consistently, our patients feel that they are part of our family. (A staff of male nurses helps us in the men's wards.)