Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne


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Saint Rose of Lima

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Open House - In honor of the year of Consecrated Life, over 100 convents across the nation will be opening their doors to their local communities for the faithful to learn about religious life.  All are welcome: young and old, tall and short!  Stop by for an afternoon of sharing the faith.  Learn more...


Sacred Heart Home, in Philadelphia PA, made the front page of The Philadelphia Inquirer (December 29, 2014).  Read article...  (posted 1/12/2015)


Our Christmas Celebration - We moved just in time to celebrate Christmas in our renovated Chapel.  As usual, all the corners of the house were decorated for the occasion of our Lord's nativity.  See the pictures! (posted 1/7/15)


Statement regarding HHS


In union with the Catholic Bishops of the United States, the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious joins with other citizens, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, in calling upon our government to protect and defend the rights and freedoms upon which our nation was founded. We believe that our first and most fundamental freedom, the right to religious liberty and freedom of conscience, is gravely violated by the ruling announced on January 20th by the Department of Health and Human Services. The accommodation announced by President Obama on February 10th does not respect nor safeguard our rights or the rights of others.


We join our bishops, other religious leaders and concerned citizens in calling for the mandate to be rescinded and for the broadening of a religious exemption. In love for our country, we continue to pray for a renewed zeal for truth and for the preservation of our God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that are integral to our identity as a nation. In His mysterious Providence, may God be at work in this critical moment in our history to "make all things new" (cf. Revelation 21:5).